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The Vipers Den

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Hello Fellow Gamers!!

Welcome to the Home of the Xbox 360 Clan Viper's Fang

Xbox Clan Announcements

As of now there isn't clan support in the games. As a new patch or game comes out that is going to support clans, details will be posted here. Such as the moderator and rules of that branch of the clan. Clan will be named Clan Viper's Fang. (CVF)

Feb's Spotlight Viper
Chex has won the admiration of his club mates and made more friends then he can count. He in many ways is the glue that holds the clan together. If u have yet to game with chex ur only cheating urself..

Mr./Mrs. Popular
This category will be decided by vote. Please send me ur votes over 1up for the club member u have the most fun with and respect the most.

The Founding Vipers
These guys came up with the idea of basing the clan on 1up. Work together on all the design features. And should be added to your friends list and gamed with as often as possible. They will answer all questions.

Guild Masters
aries00zeus's Gamercard
The people to talk to about joining CVF. You will need to take part in a tryout in a supported game and will have to impress said master in a sufficient enough manner for membership.

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